For 4th semester’s all the exams tables are now available on our website**You get Mr. Mohammed Hassan Ali Almajtser degree in Business Administration**-**Both Professor Samani Abdulmutallab president of the Board of Trustees and D.hazle Dean Muhammad Ali Gilani and member of the board of trustees and investment manager met with the faculty of the Arab Group for Training and Consulting in Cairo and so on training and joint cooperation with the college**Mr. D**headed by the minister of higher education and scientific research was held yesterday afternoon 9/2/2016 hall office minister deans of students meeting the public and private universities and colleges **Attention to all student **Thank for allah Almighty reached Kosti Dry Port advanced medical equipment for the coming of the Kingdom of Bahrain for the first container, and the second container was shipped to Kosti Dry Port as well, and this is considered as good news for the students of the White Nile and its neighboring States.**Appreciates the white Nile college of science and technology manage the large role played by the secretariat of student affairs active Participation in higher education festival for the fourth student **congratulate the municipality of student affairs the students who wons medales in higher education festival for the fourth student creativity **wed college Congratulations to colleagues Dr. / Alnzeer Abdullah Adam and Teacher / Ahmed Mohammed Hamad on the occasion of their marriage **As a result of the great achievement made by the college in its participation in the creativity of student sector east festival chairman of the board of trustees professor/Samani Abd ulmutallab decided to motivate all students participating in the festival **notes the municipality scientific affairs **Master of Educational Sciences exams has begun**Met on Saturday, 9/ 4 /2016 to commission promotions for faculty members, to discuss many of agendas, including the General Rules of the promotions from the Ministry of Education**In one of his visits inspection of facilities of higher education in the state reassured Dr. / Abdul Hamid Musa Kasha and to the White Nile State for the conduct of work strenuously in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and medical laboratories - the White Nile College of Science and Technology.**Congratulation White Nile College of Science and Technology**Congratulation Department of Economics**He raced a group of students semester Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the Faculty of the White Nile for Science and Technology to the Duwaim city to bid farewell Prof. Abdullah Toum**He visited Saturday morning 28/05/2016 committee of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, to stand on the other final preparations for the establishment of medicine and surgery, medical laboratories and Bachelor of Information Systems program.**The College of the White Nile for Science and Technology opened the door for students to apply for the Sudanese certificate in previous years with effect from 1/6/2016**Showing the result of the fourth semester on the website**Congratulations on a Ph.D.**The department of the scientific affairs that the results of both 6th and 8th semester are now **The department of the scientific affairs that the results of both 6th and 8th semester are now on the website of the college **Announces Amannanh Scientific Affairs that all the tables alternatives and supplements have been published on the site**Disclaimer every third semester students and fourth**Secretariat of Scientific Affairs announce that registration for Vsalian semesters 5 and 7 will begin on 14/07/2016**Thnia overall management of all its employees . Vacation for the final program BA of Medicine and Surgery and medical laboratories**Congratulates the White Nile College of Science and Technology Management , Dr. Mohamed Hassan Ahmed Abdullah on the occasion of receiving his doctoral**We note all of the second semester students that the result posted on the electronic College**Happy New Year**Tlreh Municipality of Scientific Affairs neo Pfersanha, and announces the beginning of the introductory course for all programs on 10/01/2016 AD, until 10.31.2016**Disclaimer Municipality of scientific affairs, said the third semester of the academic year 2016-2017 tables have been published on the site**Congratulations on the occasion of the Islamic New Year**Congratulations on a Ph.D.**Visit of a delegation from the cream Emirates College of Science and Technology**Honoring D.hazli Issa Hamad by the Dean of the Faculty Emirates Prof. Saifuddin Fattouh**The signing of a joint cooperation between the White Nile Faculty of Science and Technology and the Emirates College of Science and Technology Agreement**We note that all the students as a result of examinations alternatives and supplements for two semesters**We note all students of medicine and surgery that will end the introductory chorus 31/10/2016**We note all students semesters V and VII that examination schedules have been posted on the college site and we hope all students found**hhhh**With total openness to foreign educational institutions on 11/23/2016 delegation headed by Prof. quail he visited Abdul Muttalib Ahmadrias Board of Trustees of the college and the college D.ahazli Isa Hamdbrigad**Congratulations on the birth of the Prophet**No data available**Results and Registration and the start of the study for two semesters fifth and seventh**No data available**No data available**Dr. Mohammad Hassan declares for students of information systems of the first semester that the lecture will examine the Principles of Computer on Wednesday**no data available**no data available**no data available**no data availabe**no data availabe**No data available**no data available**Congratulates the White Nile Faculty of Science and Technology Management, Dr. Hamid Juma Juma on his assumption of the post of Director of Information Center University of Niles. Exclusive Valomana him further progress and greatness ..**Congratulates the White Nile Faculty of Science and Technology Management, Dr. Mohamed Hassan Ahmed Abdalla on his assumption of the post of Deputy Dean of Deanship of Libraries - University of Niles. Exclusive Valomana him further progress and greatness ..**

good organizing and good timing and we hope more success

this ceremony suits the college cause it is a superb at the field of education  at the white Nile state

the ceremony was perfect ....more success

 valuable edition for the college to add the post graduation studies  and  make the perfect ceremony ....we wish eternal success

this program insures the string's of the college and the good perspective of its staff

clear vision and obvious objective  with a for telling future of leading the social change at the state and to contribution in Sudan  we wish more success

we wish to this college progress and development using the all the new technologies at this era

this college it has generated the brim and enjoys a very good reputation and it has taken serious steps to the elevation of education and higher education has taken and we hope for more prosperity

this college was marked by follwing paced ranging from infrastructure and university professor university professor then opening up to the citizens of the white nile and provide valuable scientific ariticle that made them proud beacon source of confidence for the seeker of knowledge and this family and is now progressing in science by providing the study opportunities for MBA students today we send our sincere congratulations to the family of the college with you amantona superiority and repayment.

tribute to this college for having a major  role in the education of the children of the state , we wich her luck and every success and wish her progress and  growth.

we wish  you progress and prosperity and more knowledge.

a great eddition to this state by this college god bless them

new addetion for the education in kosti and congaratulations for our dearly  beloved freind dr shazali eiyssa hammad

the god reconciles ,honesty , secretariat

educational crowed and the blockbester to this college returnes to the care  of this college with education

a master pease college and a huge educational instiution  we hope that every one visits it and support it and i call it the caddled bride of kosti

during the period of being in the committee of choosing i noteced with all integrity the uniqueness of the colleges  graduaters at all the tests

add encourage to rehabilitate and raise the educational level , mveda of progress

we ask god hlep and gaid and promotion the university , god willing